Month: November 2013

Office365 Setup and Configuration

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Office 365 gives you access to email, calendar and contacts from virtually anywhere, at any time, on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. We can guide and support you across From business case development and technical planning through to setup, migration and configuration.

Set up your Office 365  Team Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katpro’s Office 365 subscription automatically provisions a default team site for our organization. If you need a separate site for your team, you can easily create a subsite with its own unique permissions. You need to have at least Full Control privileges on the Team Site to be able to do this. Microsoft Office365 have a set of web-enabled tools that are easy to learn and use, that work with or replace your existing server hardware and that come backed by the robust security, reliability and control you need to run and support your business.

Work From Virtually Anywhere

Microsoft SharePoint Online Collaboration 

Microsoft Lync Online 

Accessing the outlook Web Application for office 365

Microsoft Support – Help For Products and Services

Configuring Office 365

Katpro can guide and support you across From business case development and technical planning through to setup, migration and configuration.Our SharePoint Intranets, Extranets and Websites for can be developed for SharePoint Online, allowing you to take full advantage of the Office 365 suite. SharePoint from Microsoft Office 365 brings online communities to the corporate world in a secure corporate environment. An online community is nothing more than a group of people coming together by using their computers regardless of geographic location.

Configuring Mobile Device For Office 365

Configuring Email Client For Office 365

SharePoint Online Services



Digital Rights Management

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Katpro offers wide range of Digital Right Management Services. We have an enterprise DRM solution for protecting content such as audio, image, text, video and pdf documents. DRM is the most logical way to protect digital media with a usage rules. Katpro’s DRM provides the capability to license, securely distribute and protect playback of multimedia content on any consumer device.

Benefits of using DRM:

  •  Easy to use.
  •  Client-Server architecture to provide online Digital Rights Management offers strong protection.
  •  Offers strong protection.
  •  Publisher can specify specific permissions for users.
  •  Publisher can revoke permissions previously provided.


Digital Restrictions Management is the practice of imposing technological restrictions that control what users can do with digital media. When a program is designed to prevent you from copying or sharing a song, reading an ebook on another device, or playing a single-player game without an Internet connection, you are being restricted by DRM. In other words, DRM creates a damaged good; it prevents you from doing what would be possible without it. This concentrates control over production and distribution of media, giving DRM peddlers the power to carry out massive digital book burnings and conduct large scale surveillance over people’s media viewing habits.

DRM             DRM1    DRM2