Microsoft SharePoint tools for the enterprise

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Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), also called SharePoint for short, is new server software that is part of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Office SharePoint Server 2007 is designed to work effectively with other programs, servers and technologies in the 2007 Office release.Our SharePoint 2010 offers several new and improved features and dashboards that enable advanced migration of applications such as media support, cross browser support, offline support, user interface. The fundamental flaw in this thinking is that SharePoint is not so much a technical platform, as it is a business platform that uses technology to solve business problems.

SharePoint  Development Areas of Expertise

  • Web part development
  • Branding and designing
  • Workflow solutions
  • Customizations using event handlers and receivers
  • Batch processes for back up and restore
  • Infopath forms development
  • List forms and field types
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboard solutions
  • Excel services integration
  • Search Customizations
  • Sharepoint Deployment and Support

Transform your SharePoint through

Migrations: Reduce the risks as well as minimize the time and effort required to execute SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013on-premises and online migrations, consolidations and restructurings.

Customization: Increase SharePoint’s usability and adoption, meet business demands and streamline development by enabling rapid SharePoint Customization without requiring custom code.

Management:Simplify SharePoint management tasks while encouraging user adoption and ensuring SharePoint governance

SharePoint 2013 App Model

The SharePoint 2013 app model introduced the concept of a piece of functionality that is either wholly or in part disconnected from the SharePoint platform–an app. The purpose of this post is to articulate my thoughts on the strategic importance of this technical advance in the SharePoint platform architecture.

Two key strategic elements to the creation of the App Model on SharePoint.

  • Content Storage versus Delivery
  • Unique Content Delivery Arrangement

Content Storage versus Delivery

SharePoint will, for the foreseeable future continue to store content. Increasingly, however, the storage and maintenance of content is being abstracted away from the SharePoint platform. Instead, SharePoint is evolving into an increasingly more flexible content delivery platform.

In SharePoint 2003, content was created primarily via lists and stored in SQL Server. SharePoint 2007 introduced the BDC and the ability to work with data from enterprise applications and third party systems. In SharePoint 2010, the BDC became BCS and the flexibility increased.

Unique Content Delivery Arrangement

SharePoint, as a content delivery platform, must continuously evolve to increase flexibility and foster creativity in the delivery of data and functionality. To this end, SharePoint is allowing companies that deal in commodity content to foster a competitive advantage simply by creating a unique content delivery arrangement that cannot be easily copied. In some cases, this is merely a brand. In other cases, the competitive advantage may actually reside in the precise placement of functional components. In even other cases, competitive advantage may stem from complex data analysis presented in a uniquely unified way



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