Introduction to Android for Mobile Application Development

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Android has emerged as a new mobile development platform, building on past successes while avoiding past failures of other platforms. Designed to empower mobile software developers to write innovative mobile applications, Android is open source platform, with no up-front fees, and developers enjoy many benefits over other competing platforms. Touted as an innovative and open platform, Android is being positioned to address the growing needs of the mobile marketplace.

The open source appliance platform

Android is a complete operating environment based upon the Linux® V2.6 kernel. Initially, the deployment target for Android was the mobile-phone arena, including smart phones and lower-cost flip-phone devices. However, Android’s full range of computing services and rich functional support have the potential to extend beyond the mobile-phone market. Android can be useful for other platforms and applications.The BlackBerry and iPhone, which have appealing and high-volume mobile platforms, are addressing opposite ends of a spectrum. The BlackBerry is rock-solid for the enterprise business user. For a consumer device, it’s hard to compete with the iPhone for ease of use and the “cool factor.” Android, a young and yet-unproven platform, has the potential to play at both ends of the mobile-phone spectrum and perhaps even bridge the gulf between work and play.

The Android platform

With Android’s breadth of capabilities, it would be easy to confuse it with a desktop operating system. Android is a layered environment built upon a foundation of the Linux kernel, and it includes rich functions. The UI subsystem includes:

  • Windows
  • Views
  • Widgets for displaying common elements such as edit boxes, lists, and drop-down lists
 Android software layers

The Android software layers

Android gives you a World-class platform for creating and games for Android users everywhere. Android is the first complete OpenSource free Mobile platform. Android providing to completely alter the look and feel and functions of a mobile device.Android brings million of Phones,Tablets, and other devices. We has expertise in the development and Integration of Android Application. Katpro’s Mobile App developers and mobility Consultants understand the possibilities that Android OS offers and also are up to date.

Benefits of Mobile Application

  • Speed and Reliability.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • Portability and Ease of Development
  • Uniform Work and Feel.
  • Reduced Development Costs.




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