Connecting to an external Database with Node.js backend in Azure Mobile Services!!

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Azure Mobile Services has recently released the new Hybrid Connections feature that provides an easy and effective way to connect to on-premises resources from your mobile service, available for both Node.js and .NET backends.

One of the scenarios enabled by Hybrid Connections is utilizing a database hosted outside of Microsoft Azure from your Mobile Service and we have a step-by-step tutorial on how to set it up for apps that use the .NET backend. This post will help you get started with a Node.js backend.

All initial setup steps are the same as for the .NET backend, so please go ahead to that tutorial and go through steps 1 – 4:

  1. Prerequisites (you don’t need to install Visual Studio, though)
  2. Install SQL Server Express, enable TCP/IP, and create a SQL Server database on-premises
  3. Create a Hybrid Connection
  4. Install the on-premises Hybrid Connection Manager to complete the connection

To read more about this, click here:


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