Windows Azure Storage: Introducing CORS!!!!!!!!!

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We recently released CORS(Cross Origin Resource Sharing) for Windows Azure Storage. CORS is supported for Blob, Table and Queue services and can be enabled for each service through the Windows Azure Storage Client Library 3.0.

In this blog, we will explain CORS and how Windows Azure Storage supports CORS with an example. The complete sample code can be found in here.

What is CORS

Web Browsers, also referred to as User Agents, commonly apply same origin restriction policy to network requests. These restrictions prevent client-side web applications running from a specific domain to issue requests to another domain for security reasons. As an example, a piece of JavaScript code loaded as part of cannot issue requests at will to any other domain like since the Web Browser will prevent such requests from executing.

CORS is a mechanism that would relax such restriction and allows domains to give each other permissions for accessing each other’s resources. The User Agent in this case would send extra headers in order to ensure that the JavaScript code loaded from a certain domain say is allowed to access resources located at In this case the latter domain could either reply back with extra headers allowing or access to its resources.

To read more about this, click here:


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