The Deploy to Azure Button

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The Deploy to Azure button is to make it dirt simple for owners of pre-packaged web applications to make it dirt simple for their potential customers to deploy their applications to Azure.
How it Works
A user is authenticated to their Azure account during the AAD handshake, driven by the OpenId Connect OWIN middleware
The OWIN middleware hands over an authentication code to ADAL, which uses it to obtain a new AAD token for accessing the Azure Management API
Once a token is obtained, MAML clients can be used to communicate with the Azure management APIs
The list of regions available to a user’s subscription are retrieved and displayed in the form’s menu
When a user submits the form the data is sent to a Web API controller
The Web API controller clones the Git repository down to a new folder on the server side
The Web API controller creates an instance of the Web Site Management Client and a site is created
The site’s publish profiles are pulled
The site is deployed via Web Deploy back up to Azure Websites


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