VNET integration and Hybrid connections with Azure Websites!!!!!!!

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Azure Websites with a remote MySQL database and will be covered in two parts.

In the first part, the database is hosted in an Azure VM and in an Azure VNET.The example will go over using VNET integration as well as Hybrid Connections to securely connect to the Azure VNET.   This assumes a pre-existing VNET that has a VM already provisioned in it.

The second part will cover hosting the database in an on-premises host that is accessible through a combination of Site-to-Site VPN and VNET integration.  This will use the same pre-existing VNET.  There is no need to show Hybrid Connections as there is no difference to make it work on-premises vs a VNET.

Before setting up WordPress, we need a database for it to talk to.  Since this is just for demo purposes, we are going to go the easiest application path.  That does not mean that it is the way to really run your MySQL database

To read more about this click:


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