ConfigR as a Configuration Source in ASP.NET vNext!!!!!!!!!!!

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One of the cool things about ASP.NET vNext is that it introudces a configuration abstraction, Microsoft.Framework.ConfigurationModel over your application’s configuration.ASP.NET vNext has built-in support for specific configuration sources already, such as JSON files or INI files. Aside from that, ASP.NET vNext allows you to plug in your own custom.
ConfigR is a terrific project from Adam Ralph, and is based on the scriptcs project. In short, ConfigR allows you to use CSX files (C# scripts) to write your project’s configuration.

You get three benefits:

1. your configuration can be strongly typed, as you are no longer constrained by the limits of serialization; you simply write your config file with C#

2. configuration is no longer purely static. It can now make logical decisions and reason about configuration settings itself, as it can run C# code. This is profoundly important as it allows you to completely decouple the configuration from the application. Configuration, since it’s C# driven, can inspect the runtime and, for example, decide on proper config settings based on the versions of the assemblies currently loaded into the AppDomain.

3. ConfigR, out of the box, supports loading configuration over the network, so you can configure a large number of your applications, distributed across different machines or platforms, from a single place.

To read more about this click here:


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