Azure Virtual Network Gateway Improvements!!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure Virtual Network Gateway serves as the cross premises gateway connecting your workloads in Azure Virtual Network to your on premises sites. It is required to connect to on premises sites through IPsec S2S VPN tunnels, or through ExpressRoute circuits.The gateways advertise the prefixes in your virtual networks via the peering circuit, and also forward packets from your ExpressRoute circuits to your VMs inside your virtual networks.
To offer higher throughput and more S2S VPN tunnels for cross premises connectivity, we released a new Azure Virtual Network gateway SKU, High Performance gateway.
Azure Portal provides a “Management Services” tab to allow Azure services and components to report operation logs. We have added Azure Virtual Network Gateway logs into the framework. Now you will be able to get the following set of events on both Azure VPN Gateways and Azure ExpressRoute:

Gateway creation and deletion
ExpressRoute circuit creation and deletion
ExpressRoute circuit link authorization, creation, and deletion
ExpressRoute BGP session creation, deletion, and update

To read more about this click here:


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