Azure Traffic Manager Nested Profiles!!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure Traffic Manager is happy to announce support for nested Traffic Manager profiles. This feature enables you to create more flexible and powerful load-balancing and fail over schemes to support the needs of larger, more complex deployments.Traffic Manager allows you to load balance incoming traffic across multiple Azure deployments. Key scenarios enabled by Traffic Manager include improving application performance by directing end users to the closest deployment, and enabling high availability by monitoring your services and providing automatic failover when a service goes down.

Traffic Manager actively monitors the health of each service endpoint. If an endpoint is determined to be unhealthy, Traffic Manager will direct users to alternative endpoints instead, thereby preserving the overall availability of your service. This endpoint monitoring and failover behavior is available for all load-balancing methods (not just the ‘failover’ method).

For nested profiles, endpoint monitoring works a little differently. Where a parent profile is configured with a child profile as a nested endpoint, the parent doesn’t probe the child directly. Instead, the health of the child profile’s endpoints is used to calculate the overall health of the child profile, and this determines whether the parent profile will direct traffic to the child.

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