Protecting VMware and Physical Workloads with Azure Site Recovery!!!!!!!!!!

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InMage’s flagship product for site-to-site and site-to-hoster DR became part of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR). Microsoft Migration Accelerator – a service based on InMage technology that enables our customers to quickly and easily migrate their workloads into Microsoft Azure with the least amount of downtime.

The core components involved are:

Configuration Server – VM running at the secondary site that is responsible for maintaining replication policies, replication status, and health reports.
Master Target – VM running at the secondary site that acts as the repository for all replicated data and change journals.
Mobility Service – Light-weight software component that captures data changes being generated on the protected workloads continuously, in real-time and directly from memory, for replication purposes.
Process Server – Gateway residing at the primary site that handles all compute and IO intensive aspects of replication.
sizing and placement aspects of provisioning a Process Server for ASR with the InMage replication channel depend on a couple of factors such as number of protected workloads, and daily change rate.


To read more about this click here:


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