Month: February 2015

Announcing latest version of Azure SQL Database!!!!!!!!!!

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Latest SQL Database service version (V12) began a staged general availability (GA) roll out around the world—starting in Europe, then across the United States. Today, we are excited to announce general availability for this service version across Azure regions in Asia.
Service version introduces near-complete SQL Server engine compatibility, greater support for larger databases, a new S3 performance level, and 25 percent more Premium performance for the same cost.All new subscriptions and their subsequent databases created in the generally available regions will use the new service architecture and have access to the latest features

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Live Worldwide Robotic Surgery Event!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure Media Services enables live stream of global robotic surgery event.The event, focused on robotic surgery training and certification, streamed from 10 leading robotic surgery centers of excellence from four continents and broadcasted live for 24 continuous hours.The videos were streamed in real-time and also allowed for pausing or rewinding – leveraging Microsoft Azure Media Services Cloud DVR capabilities, including seamless live to VOD transition for later viewing.

With Microsoft Azure Media Services anyone – from broadcasters, to cable providers to surgeons – has everything they need to quickly build great, extremely scalable, end-to-end media solutions for streaming to consumers on any device.

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Apache Storm Becoming Generally Available And Real-Time Analytics on Big Data

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Apache Storm is a distributed, fault-tolerant, open source real-time event processing solution. Storm was originally used by Twitter to process massive streams of data from the Twitter firehose. Customers can source these real-time events from devices, sensors, infrastructure, applications, websites, and data.

Microsoft has been on a journey to make Big Data easy and more approachable. Storm for Azure HDInsight is an example of this by giving users a simple way to deploy and manage real-time applications with just a few clicks and within minutes.


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Public Preview of Azure HDInsight on Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure HDInsight is Microsoft’s Hadoop-as-a-service offering. It is built on top of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and architected for the Azure cloud.

customers will have a choice to select either Windows or Linux when deploying HDInsight from the Azure portal. Both options are first class citizens, offering simple deployment, SLA, technical support for the entire stack, ranging from Hadoop to the operating system.
HDInsight provides the following benefits to customers:
Crunch large non-relational datasets that come in real-time
Fast Time To Value
Minimal deployment expertise with no hardware planning or maintenance required
Backed by Microsoft’s reliability SLA

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Simple Deployment of Azure Websites with DocumentDB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure DocumentDB is a great database option for websites that you’re building on Microsoft Azure. When building and running your application, you’ll likely want different environments for development, testing, and production.
The Azure Resource Manager allows you to create reusable deployment templates to easily create and configure multiple Azure resources.
Create an Azure DocumentDB account
Create an Azure Website
Deploy an application to the website
Automatically configure the website with the DocumentDB account connection information

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New features in Azure Backup!!!!!!!!

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Announcing new features in Azure Backup The key capabilities are:
Long term retention – cloud as tape replacement
Offline seeding – complete your initial seeding faster and off-the-network
Backup all DPM workloads to Azure
Improved monitoring and reporting in SCOM

Azure Backup enables customers to complete the initial backup by integrating with the Azure Import/Export service. Rather than sending the initial backup copy over a congested network, customers can ship the disk containing the initial backup copy to the nearest Azure datacenter.DPM customers could backup only Hyper-V virtual machines, SQL Databases and file & folders to Azure. The new management pack for DPM provides a powerful reporting infrastructure that can be used to generate data-rich custom reports and dashboards across multiple DPM servers
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SharePoint, Office 365 and Mobile Apps!!!!!!

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SharePoint Mobile and the range of options for developing mobile SharePoint solutions ranging from responsive web design to building native apps for each platform. Mobile is the next big thing for business now that the Bring Your Own Device genie is out of the bottle.
Mobile computing is fast-changing to the point of volatility. Companies and their products can appear, dominate the market, and then rapidly decline, all over the course of a few years. With so many options, and with more frameworks and tooling appearing all the time, long term planning to find the perfect development strategy is probably not going to be that useful.

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