Visual Studio Application Insights was ready for Public Preview.

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As part of Application Insights’ Public Preview we are launching a new cloud-friendly pricing model that is based on data volume per application and designed to offer great value for all development teams. Pricing goes into effect June 1, 2015, and will be at a 50% discount while in Public Preview.


The types of data points which will count towards your quota are:

  1. Requests: any request received by the managed application or sent via the TrackRequest API
  2. Exceptions: each collected unhandled exception/crash or sent via the TrackException API
  3. Dependencies: each call to a remote dependency from the managed application
  4. Page views: each page loaded from your website, in your mobile application or sent via the TrackPage API
  5. Performance counters: each instance of performance data collected either the default counters collected by Status Monitor or as user-specified counters
  6. Custom events: each event sent via the TrackEvent API
  7. Custom metrics: each metric sent via the TrackMetric API
  8. Trace logs: each trace entry from the logging adaptors or the TrackTrace API

To read more about this click here:


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