What is ASP.NET console application?

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  • CoreCLR – minimal subset of .NET Framework that is ~11MB in size and that supports true side-by-side execution. Yes, your application can specify exact version of CLR it needs to run and it doesn’t conflict with another versions of CLR on same box.
  • DNX runtime – formerly named as K runtime, console based runtime to manage CLR versions, restore packages and run commands that our application defines.
  • Framework level dependency injection – this is something we don’t have with classic console applications that have static entry point but we have it with ASP.NET console applications (they have also method Main but it’s not static).
  • More independence from Visual Studio – it’s easier to build and run applications in build and continuous integration servers as there’s no need (or less need) for Visual Studio and its components. Applications can define their commands for different things like generating EF migrations and running unit tests.


To see more about this click here:



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