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New IT management controls added to OneDrive for Business

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The OneDrive for Business team has been working to deliver the most commonly requested controls by IT admins. Today, we’ll highlight new management options you have to protect and control the flow of your information using OneDrive for Business.

Managing mobile devices connecting to OneDrive for Business data

As more people move to OneDrive for Business to store and access their files, email-based mobile device management (MDM) policies may not suffice to protect data. Now using MDM in Office 365, you can ensure that devices connecting to your OneDrive for Business data are managed. After you’ve set up MDM policies, a device will need to enroll in MDM for Office 365 when it tries to connect to your data using OneDrive for Business or Office Mobile apps. This ensures that the device meets security requirements, enforces PIN log-in and other chosen configurations on the device. You can find out more about MDM for Office 365 and see it in action on the show.



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Cloud Assessments – Katpro Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Leveraging the Microsoft cloud platform is a great way for businesses to tap into the growing popularity and amazing potential of cloud-based workflow. With Katpro Tech you can now devise the perfect cloud strategy exclusively for your business, with our experience on building awareness, ensuring analysis and enabling adoption of cloud based services. This is precisely where Katpro Tech’s extensive experience an established Microsoft Azure Circle Partner comes to the fore.

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PowerShell to the Rescue

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Since my early days working in MS-DOS, I have enjoyed the tricks of shell-programming or shell-scripting. Being able to tell a machine to do a set of sequential actions in one go, often repetitive tasks, can be a life saver, and sometimes, a way to do something that other APIs won’t allow.

This post will focus on Power Shell, specially oriented for the SharePoint ecosystem.sharepoint

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Business Intelligence on a technically enriched platform: SharePoint 2010 insight

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It is to help readers understand the various components of Business Intelligence road map from a SharePoint perspective. It will arm BI decision makers and SharePoint implementer s with the relevant information to prepare for a roll out of a Strong Business Intelligence Solution around SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 provides the most integrated and user friendly Business Intelligence Solution in the market today. It brings a number of robust offerings,.

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Human Resources Management System

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Our HRMS portal allows HR to plan and do several activities. HR can create Employee, Organization structure, job role, job position. They can upload employees in bulk. They can maintain, employee history, education history, and document history. They can publish company holidays, create approval workflows for various activities. They can assign projects, create timesheet reports, and maintain compensation details. Managers can effectively track their team, reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. Employee have a separate login to track their attendance, raising request, track their time, track their activities and pending tasks. They can manage hiring activities, terminations, and employee performance and appraisal process, on boarding and off boarding activities. It reduces the pain of manual tasks. It automates the entire process Leave application, payroll generation, and time & attendance activities.


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Discover Microsoft’s Toolbox for Office 365 Compliance

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The Compliance Center is a subset of the Office 365 Admin toolset. Some compliance features have been available in Office 365 since it was launched, but Microsoft is now pursuing a strategy to unite all compliance features under the Compliance Center interface.

As detailed in this video from the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft already has some rich functionality in the Compliance Center and is planning to release more cool features soon. Ultimately, their vision is that the Compliance Center will become the hub for all your organization’s compliance needs.

Office 365 boasts native eDiscovery capabilities which allow compliance case workers to perform forensic searches in Office 365. If the search returns content that needs protection against tampering while the legal process is underway, it’s possible to set up a litigation hold on the content in Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business, without moving it from its original location. This kind of ‘in-place’ litigation hold minimizes disruption while still protecting the evidence.


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Office 365 feature comparison chart all plans

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Office 365 plans and subscription levels that are available. It is not easy to find the information when you are looking to buy just the right plan for your organization.

hanging or mixing plans
As the needs of your organization change, you may need to change your Office 365 plan. You can switch from your current Office 365 subscription to another Office 365 subscription:
– In the same service family: For example, you can move from Office 365 Business Essentials to Office 365 Business Premium, or from Office 365 Enterprise E1 to Office 365 Enterprise E3.
– From a standalone plan: For example, you can move from Exchange Online Plan 1 to Office 365 Enterprise E1.
– To a different service family: For example, you can move from Office 365 Business Essentials to Office 365 Enterprise E3.
For information about how to change subscriptions, including how to move from a trial to a paid subscription, see Switch to a different Office 365 plan or subscription.

office365 plans

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