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eCommerce development with Katpro Technologies

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E-commerce has revolutionized the concept of conducting business by providing equal chance to all the businesses to mark their global presence. It has also eased the customers with online shopping and easy transactions. Katpro provides the world’s most widespread and multilingual business websites. We provide complete excellent and a secure path for clients to promote from the latest technology advances. Our aim is to accelerate the programming and development of customer’s products reduce significant time and turn around opportunities to result in good managed resources and reduced technological risks.

Benefits of eCommerce

  1. This is cheap to implement and maintain compared to traditional business model 
    Organizations doing e-commerce are getting orders through the web that they would have received anyway, so the revenue isn’t incremental.
  2. This is accurate and everyone can rely on the data 
    However, these companies are realizing considerable cost savings because the orders are more accurate, and the handling cost per order is lower because fewer human hands touch each order.
  3. Helps making manufacturing decisions easier 
    The web also allows customers to order specific items, and organizations can build to order, which reduces unwanted inventory. In this way, e-commerce makes just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing easier and reduces the parts needed in inventory over time. This setup reduces inventory carrying and warehousing costs. The cost per customer order drops because a human isn’t needed for each special order. Customer satisfaction foes up because customers are surer that they’ll get what they want, and they can order anytime.
  4. Inventory and accounting can be managed 
    Putting up a website is easy, but it’s much more difficult to integrate that front end website into the back-end processes such as inventory, accounting, and so on. It is also hard to integrate customer data between the web interface and other customer contacts points such as telephone call or mail order.
  5. New areas of business are developed and traditional middle man is eliminated. 
    Informediaries, who provide information about products and who locate the best choice of price, replace intermediaries, the traditional middlemen. For example, helps customers set a price for an airline ticket or hotel reservation, and then airline or hotel responds. EBay allows customers to put their items up for auction and bid on items in real time. These new middlemen are allowing customers to do things they couldn’t do before, in a way that convenient for everyone.
  6. E-commerce can improve the accuracy and speed for information exchange with internal and external business partners
    Ecommerce provides organizations with the ability to quickly share information with business partners. Ecommerce also reduces the number of times humans touch information, which reduces errors.
  7. E-commerce can lower the cost of customer service, purchasing, and other functions, but organizations shouldn’t just automate band business processes. 
    Organizations must evaluate their current business processes and organizational practices in light of new technologies. Ecommerce is more than just technology-organizations must also change the way they think about information sharing and knowledge management.

Leave Management System

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Our Leave management system facilitates the effective and smooth management of employee leaves. With comprehensive reporting and database driven applications, the Leave Management System provides a wealth of information about your employees at your fingertips in no time.

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Katpro Intranet Portal

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Katpro Intranet Portal Demo…………………

Help-desk on SharePoint:

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Katpro Technologies working on Help-desk based on SharePoint. This is a powerful tool for ticket management which enable users to manage tickets, their category, priority level and status. Katpro help-desk is a promising product for an enterprise. There are various level of approvals, ticket tracking by status, users, date etc, notification, alerts.