Performance Tips for Azure DocumentDB!!!!!!!!!!

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Azure DocumentDB allows you to tune the performance of your database to best meet the needs of your application.DocumentDB’s indexing policy also allows you to specify which document paths to include or exclude from indexing by leveraging Indexing Paths (IndexingPolicy.IncludedPaths and IndexingPolicy.ExcludedPaths).
The cost associated with each of these operations will vary based on the CPU, IO and memory required to complete the operation. Instead of thinking about and managing hardware resources, you can think of a request unit (RU) as a single measure for the resources required to perform various database operations and service an application request.
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SQL Parameterization in DocumentDB!!!!!!!!

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Parameterized SQL provides robust handling and escaping of user input, preventing accidental exposure of data through SQL injection.The DocumentDB REST API also natively supports parameterization. The .NET sample shown above translates to the following REST API call.

Features are:

  • SQL parameters in DocumentDB use the familiar @ notation borrowed from T-SQL
  • Parameter values can be any valid JSON (strings, numbers, Booleans, null, even arrays or nested JSON)
  • Since DocumentDB is schema-less, parameters are not validated against any type
  • We could just as easily supply additional parameters by adding additional SqlParameters to the SqlParameterCollection

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