Adventures in High Speed Networking on Azure

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The ASP.NET team have been testing experimental server designs in their Smurf Lab and recently moved it to a 10GbE network. We quickly created a http echo server based on similar principles to our game server networking; hoping to validate whether there was any inherent “cost” in using managed C# rather than a lower level, closer to the metal, language.


f we can go from an empty cache browser request in Europe to East Coast US and back – twice; a total distance of over 17,400 miles / 28,000km, though load balancers, on regular ASP.NET 4.6 (rather than the leaner newer ASP.NET 5) in the Azure cloud to web page complete for a 238 KB website in under 363ms (favicon.ico ignored); then there is something very, very wrong with those latencies for a simple “Hello, World!” response under 200 bytes; presumably between VMs in the same datacenter! And this is prior to applying of our more recent learnings from this testing, which we shall obviously be doing now!


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New Azure Networking features and partnerships for Enterprise scenarios!!!!!

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Azure networking announcements to enable customers to build better hyper-scale and enterprise grade applications in public and hybrid cloud environments.
New ExpressRoute partners are Colt Technology Services in Europe, Tata Communications in Asia, and Telstra in Australia.
ExpressRoute is now generally available in Australia with a Meet-Me location in Sydney.
ExpressRoute circuit provisioned today has been configured in active-active configuration between Microsoft and the connectivity provider in order to avoid single a point of failure.
Customers will now be able to control traffic to one or more virtual machine instances in a Vnet using inbound and outbound access control rules defined in a Network Security Group.
The Network Security Group can be applied to a subnet (within a virtual network) as well as to individual virtual machines thereby enabling a two layer protection

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