How to move item between sharepoint lists – Office 365

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we can use sharepoint designer and workflow, and then we can just create source item in destination list and then remove source item from the parent list. Well, It’s too much work for me… Is there’s something else what we can do? Well, there’s very simple method which was already in old on premise sharepoint versions.



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New IT management controls added to OneDrive for Business

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The OneDrive for Business team has been working to deliver the most commonly requested controls by IT admins. Today, we’ll highlight new management options you have to protect and control the flow of your information using OneDrive for Business.

Managing mobile devices connecting to OneDrive for Business data

As more people move to OneDrive for Business to store and access their files, email-based mobile device management (MDM) policies may not suffice to protect data. Now using MDM in Office 365, you can ensure that devices connecting to your OneDrive for Business data are managed. After you’ve set up MDM policies, a device will need to enroll in MDM for Office 365 when it tries to connect to your data using OneDrive for Business or Office Mobile apps. This ensures that the device meets security requirements, enforces PIN log-in and other chosen configurations on the device. You can find out more about MDM for Office 365 and see it in action on the show.



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Discover Microsoft’s Toolbox for Office 365 Compliance

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The Compliance Center is a subset of the Office 365 Admin toolset. Some compliance features have been available in Office 365 since it was launched, but Microsoft is now pursuing a strategy to unite all compliance features under the Compliance Center interface.

As detailed in this video from the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft already has some rich functionality in the Compliance Center and is planning to release more cool features soon. Ultimately, their vision is that the Compliance Center will become the hub for all your organization’s compliance needs.

Office 365 boasts native eDiscovery capabilities which allow compliance case workers to perform forensic searches in Office 365. If the search returns content that needs protection against tampering while the legal process is underway, it’s possible to set up a litigation hold on the content in Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business, without moving it from its original location. This kind of ‘in-place’ litigation hold minimizes disruption while still protecting the evidence.


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Introducing Compliance Search in Office 365!!

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Compliance Search is a new capability in the Office 365 Compliance Center, designed for times when the full-fledged search case management of eDiscovery search isn’t required.

Compliance Search to find data in individual Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint sites, OneDrive for Business locations, and Skype for Business data that has been placed on hold in Exchange mailboxes. There are no limits on the scale of these searches. You can run multiple searches simultaneously, and you can search one or hundreds of thousands of sites and mailboxes. With Compliance Search you can select all mailboxes and sites, distribution groups, or specific people and sites.

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New access and security controls for Outlook for iOS and Android

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Outlook now uses Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL)-based authentication for Exchange Online mailboxes in Office 365, replacing the previously used basic authentication method.Used by Office apps on both desktop and mobile, users sign in directly to Office 365’s identity provider (Azure Active Directory) to authenticate, rather than providing credentials to Outlook. The below screenshot shows the new sign in experience for users when connecting to an Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox from Outlook.

Outlook already uses OAuth for, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Gmail. As Exchange Active Sync does not support OAuth, we continue to use basic authentication for these users. You can read more about how we secure user credentials for Exchange on the Office 365 Network


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Enabling Enterprise Yammer in Office 365

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Yammer in Office 365, being an enterprise social network likewise. It provides all the benefits of traditional social networks like Linkedin, Twitter and the like but with all the controls and features expected of enterprise software.

Yammer is set as your choice of social networking in Office 365. This is because SharePoint Online does have some rudimentary features.

To set Yammer as the primary social network in Office 365, login to the admin portal and select SharePoint from the menu that appears on the left under the Admin option at the bottom.


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What’s new in the Office Roadmap – 2015-06-07

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In 15th of May the following items has been changed on the Office Roadmap.

  • Add external collaborators to your internal Yammer conversations: from In Development to launched. This is in my opinion one of the scariest updates in a long time. It allows anyone to add an external person to any internal discussion on Yammer. And this is, again, turned on by default.
  • Boards for Office Delve: Boards, the light-weight knowledge management solutions for Delve is now launched.
  • De-clutter your Inbox: Exchange Clutter is now launched and turned on by default on all tenants.
  • Delve (Codename Oslo) & Office Graph: No big news but Delve is now officially launched.
  • Disable OneDrive for Business sync for unmanaged PCs: actually a big thing. You can now, using PowerShell, makes sure that only your managed PC’s are allowed to do the OneDrive sync (when it works – or turn it off for everyone and get rid of all those support requests….)
  • First Release to Select People: No more need to create separate tenants just for first release. Choose your champions wisely and let them be your guinea pigs.
  • Office 365 Groups: files improvements: the enhancements to work better with files in Groups are launched. Keep it coming!
  • Office 365 services hosted in Microsoft Australian datacenters: All them kangaroos are happy now with blazing fast 365! G’day mate!
  • Public Folder calendar and contact access in OWA: the title says it all
  • Share OneDrive for Business folders externally: Users can now share a folder and not just a document with external users. Directly to launched
  • Unified OneDrive API: The unified API for OneDrive is now launched, but don’t mix this with the Unified Office 365 API. Sigh! The marketing people in the Office Group really need to work on a better way to name things…


Rolling out

  • Drive Shipping and Network Based Data Import for Office 365: Make your large scale migrations easier with Drive Shipping. From In Development.
  • Office 365 ProPlus user activation management: view and manage the activations from the Admin Center
  • Quarantine Message Body Preview: allow admins to see the message body while the message is in quarantine in order to make a better decision

In Development

  • Adding IRM Protection to Visio file: IRM support in Visio. Good stuff in my favorite Office client application.
  • Analyzing Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom: Ediscovery enhancements to the 365 suite using the Equivio Zoom, acquired earlier this year. More information.
  • Compliance Administrator Role: Another new feature that allows you to create a Compliance Administrator with access to just the Compliance center parts!
  • Compliance Search Conditions: Even more new compliance thingies that gives the compliance people a new and improved search experience.
  •  Compliance search enhancements: Perhaps the best compliance improvement in a while. This change removes some scale limitations and allows you to search all OneDrives and Mailboxes without configuring permissions explicitly on each site/mailbox.
  • Create and collaborate on Visio diagrams using Office-like experience: Woohoo, more Visio news. Support for dark themes, Delve and High DPI!
  • eDiscovery Case Management, Hold & Permissions: More compliance stuff. I actually can’t interpret what this new thing is all about (MS folks – some copywriter job is needed on this…)
  • eDiscovery infix & Suffix Wildcards: Even better search capabilities in eDiscovery that should make all your compliance officers jump up and down in excitement.
  • Getting started experience in Visio: Starter diagrams and tips and tricks for all you Visio n00bs and architect wannabees.
  • Office 365 Admin App Updates: Push notifications for service incidents, good one! Also some group management and the option to view your bill.
  • Office 365 Message Encryption: End-user Triggered Encryption in OWA: Allow your end-users to encrypt messages directly from OWA
  • Rapid data connectivity in Visio: “one-step connectivity to Excel” – create data driven diagrams even easier and faster
  • Refreshed stencils and smart shapes in Visio: Plenty of updates to the stencils and shapes in Visio 2016. Big hugs to the Visio team!