Leveraging the OMS Search API in an Azure Automation Runbook

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The availability of the OMS Search API has enabled automation scenarios which involves alerting, notification and potential remediation based on log analytics data in Operations Management Suite (OMS).

In this blog post we will talk about a sample scenario for monitoring a honeypot account with an Azure Automation runbook . This runbook checks if someone has attempted to logon with this account on a specific server.

Our runbook will talk to the OMS Search API and is able to execute searches or can retrieve the results of a saved search. Based on the query results we can decide to take corrective actions or to invoke other runbooks for alerting and notification purposes.  During conversations with customers we have been asked many times if OMS has similar System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) task integration to take actions based on OMS search query results.



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New IT management controls added to OneDrive for Business

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The OneDrive for Business team has been working to deliver the most commonly requested controls by IT admins. Today, we’ll highlight new management options you have to protect and control the flow of your information using OneDrive for Business.

Managing mobile devices connecting to OneDrive for Business data

As more people move to OneDrive for Business to store and access their files, email-based mobile device management (MDM) policies may not suffice to protect data. Now using MDM in Office 365, you can ensure that devices connecting to your OneDrive for Business data are managed. After you’ve set up MDM policies, a device will need to enroll in MDM for Office 365 when it tries to connect to your data using OneDrive for Business or Office Mobile apps. This ensures that the device meets security requirements, enforces PIN log-in and other chosen configurations on the device. You can find out more about MDM for Office 365 and see it in action on the show.



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PowerShell to the Rescue

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Since my early days working in MS-DOS, I have enjoyed the tricks of shell-programming or shell-scripting. Being able to tell a machine to do a set of sequential actions in one go, often repetitive tasks, can be a life saver, and sometimes, a way to do something that other APIs won’t allow.

This post will focus on Power Shell, specially oriented for the SharePoint ecosystem.sharepoint

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Migrating SharePoint 2010 Corporate Websites or Infrastructure to SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint 2013 Cumulative Update (CU) or a Service Pack (SP). Be aware that you need to install them before migrating any site and before delivering your SharePoint Infrastructure Environment.

The most important part is the “testing” part from Business. A 100% PowerShell complete is not 100% Business testing complete. After their go the site/infrastructure is “up and “running”.

By publishing a service application, you can optimize resources, avoid redundancy, and provide enterprise-wide services without installing a dedicated enterprise services farm. You can publish the following service applications in a SharePoint 2013 farm:

• Business Data Connectivity
• Machine Translation
• Managed Metadata
• User Profile
• Search
• Secure Store



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Windows Azure Pack integration and PowerShell Support!!!!!!

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Azure Site Recovery is getting widely adopted by both enterprises and service providers as a standard for disaster recovery in virtualized, physical, and cloud environments.
he productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, Microsoft is committed to solving this challenge for customers. Continuing on strategy to provide hybrid cloud business continuity solutions for any customers we are proud to announce our new capabilities unlocking new scenarios for service providers opening new pipeline for service providers to generate additional revenues.

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