Connecting to Dynamics CRM Online with Power BI

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It  provides the ability to  connect to a number of online services and one of these is Dynamics CRM Online.

Once you have logged in successfully, Power BI will synchronize with your Dynamics CRM Online repository and provide a dataset representing your CRM data.

Accessing it from your Phone

Microsoft has an IOS, Windows Phone and Android app for viewing your dashboards.  This works well with Dynamics CRM data for getting access to your vital data at a glance while on the road!



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SQL Parameterization in DocumentDB!!!!!!!!

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Parameterized SQL provides robust handling and escaping of user input, preventing accidental exposure of data through SQL injection.The DocumentDB REST API also natively supports parameterization. The .NET sample shown above translates to the following REST API call.

Features are:

  • SQL parameters in DocumentDB use the familiar @ notation borrowed from T-SQL
  • Parameter values can be any valid JSON (strings, numbers, Booleans, null, even arrays or nested JSON)
  • Since DocumentDB is schema-less, parameters are not validated against any type
  • We could just as easily supply additional parameters by adding additional SqlParameters to the SqlParameterCollection

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AIB Files with Azure Media Indexer and SQL Server!!!!!

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Azure Media Indexer is a powerful media processor that extracts meaningful metadata from multimedia files. Audio Index Blob (AIB) file is a lattice-structured textual index of a multimedia file.At a high level, when compared to the scenarios targeted by the TTML/SAMI output files, you can expect:
Less false negatives
Less false positives
Time stamps

  • Less false negatives Lattices allow to find (sub-)phrase and ‘AND’ matches where individual words are of low confidence, but the fact that they are queried together allows us to infer that they still may be correct. Word-lattices represent alternative recognition candidates that were also considered by the recognizer, but did not turn out to be the top-scoring candidate.
  • Less false positives Lattices also provide a confidence score for each word match. This can be used to suppress low-confidence matches.
  • Time stamps Lattices, unlike text, retain the start times of spoken words, which is useful for navigation.

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Azure SQL Database introduces new service tiers!!!!!!!!!!!

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To better serve your needs for more flexibility, Microsoft Azure SQL Database is adding new service tiers, Basic and Standard, to work alongside its Premium tier, which is currently in preview. Together these service tiers will help you more easily support the needs of database workloads and application patterns built on Microsoft Azure.

New service tiers

The Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers are designed to deliver more predictable performance for light-weight to heavy-weight transactional application demands. Additionally, the new tiers offer a spectrum of business continuity features, a stronger uptime SLA at 99.95%, and larger database sizes up to 500 GB for less cost. The new tiers will also help remove costly workarounds and offer an improved billing experience for you.

  1. Basic: Designed for applications with a light transactional workload. Performance objectives for Basic provide a predictable hourly transaction rate.
  2. Standard: Standard is the go-to option for getting started with cloud-designed business applications. It offers mid-level performance and business continuity features. Performance objectives for Standard deliver predictable per minute transaction rates.
  3. Premium: Designed for mission-critical databases, Premium offers the highest performance levels and access to advanced business continuity features. Performance objectives for Premium deliver predictable per second transaction rates.

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