AIB Files with Azure Media Indexer and SQL Server!!!!!

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Azure Media Indexer is a powerful media processor that extracts meaningful metadata from multimedia files. Audio Index Blob (AIB) file is a lattice-structured textual index of a multimedia file.At a high level, when compared to the scenarios targeted by the TTML/SAMI output files, you can expect:
Less false negatives
Less false positives
Time stamps

  • Less false negatives Lattices allow to find (sub-)phrase and ‘AND’ matches where individual words are of low confidence, but the fact that they are queried together allows us to infer that they still may be correct. Word-lattices represent alternative recognition candidates that were also considered by the recognizer, but did not turn out to be the top-scoring candidate.
  • Less false positives Lattices also provide a confidence score for each word match. This can be used to suppress low-confidence matches.
  • Time stamps Lattices, unlike text, retain the start times of spoken words, which is useful for navigation.

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